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While you need to work on your setup and delivery of your jokes (The only thing that I really found funny was "Yes, I'd like call of duty ghosts!"), this was aesthetically animated pretty well. I think you have potential, man.

AtomicAstro responds:

Thank you. Flash was acting up a lot so that messed up the quality. And my mic is bad, making things worse. But I posted this just because animating is a fun hobby of mine, so why not post it.

Haha! Nice! Funny, and most of the animation was very smooth and appealing. (Minus the occasional tween bug i saw)

WooleyWorld responds:

:,1 Tweens are the devil. But a necessary evil..

Thanks anyway, man.

Beautiful! Art style's unique, the animation is smooth, and I love the skew techniques you used to add a 3D-looking perspective.

Soupcat responds:

Thanks man!

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This is awesome for your first game! I like the concept in itself, the retro style art seemed both fitting and unfortunately a little tongue-in-cheek for what was supposed to describe a pretty dark setting for this Richard. Either way, I'm curious to see more!


Have any of you down there thought of this?
Nice 10/10


3rd place of all time? Are ya kidding me? This needs Best Flash Game in HISTORY!

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Hey, Xrullor!
You might remember me from my review on your Dropping fish song.
Judging from your last post, you seemed a bit skeptical about this one.
If anything, it's a sketchy style you're branching out to that you may feel uncomfortable with, and being an amateur animator, I can see that.
But overall, I enjoyed the song, but I won't say I liked it as much as your other ones, especially Dropping fish.
Keep up the good work, I can't wait to see what you do next.

This is great! The use of the synthesizer is simply incredible! It's the most original dubstep track i've heard on the audio portal so far. In a nutshell, this is pretty damn awesome, keep it up man!

I absolutely loved it! I really liked where you were going with this one. It's a bit more wavy than most of the dubstep I've heard. The somewhat quiet 8-bit synthesizer in the background was a nice touch, and the parts with the Piano really sold the dramatic feeling of the track. And as for the last drop? I almost fell out of my seat from the pure awesomeness! You've got the potential to be a hit dubstep/techno artist, Xruller. I can't wait to hear more from you!

Xtrullor responds:

I've always tried to keep my tracks pleasant to listen to, that may be "wavy" aspect you're hearing there... Or at least I hope so!

Thanks for the awesome review there, I appreciate it very much.

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In general, it's very interesting to look at it, especially in the lighting department. It would make a nice desktop wallpaper if you reshaped the canvas. Good job!

Zerodecoole responds:

Thanks! The canvas was the size of A3 paper, it was a requirement from the assignment.

love jelly beenz and i love u

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